meet the devs



Our Story

We are 4 students who want to create amazing video game experiences for the entire world to enjoy.  We have a vast variety of experience within various fields such as music, design, photography, marketing, narrative writing and of course, game design!

Our Goal

We established DarkMode to come together as a team and construct the wonderful game Avarice . We wish to create a community of gamers who all have their own opinions and interpretations of our game. We would love to keep in touch with you and build together!

Our Team


Connor Thorpe

With a background in media, studying everything from photography, graphic design, programming and much more, he’s always had a passion for video games. His wish is to one day become a great game designer and work with amazing teams all around the world.


Atle Valan

An aspiring game design student that has a background from music and acting, with a hobby of taking photographs. In these recent years he has developed a passion for creating great environments, both fictional and in real life. He is also an advocate for better utilization of sounds in the game industry. 


Remy-André Sharafaldin

Can usually be found playing retro games or nerding out about everything and anything pop culture. Fueled by cola and strawberry milkshakes he aims to make a story that leaves you thinking. Has studied sales, IT and now game design. His biggest dream is owning an in-home arcade and making a living in the game industry.


Marius Svarverud

By having a love for strategy games and logical problem solving, programming was a perfect fit. He dreams of making the perfect system and becoming a tremendous programmer.